Nox Xakarta, known in the Galactic Empire's criminal system as Inmate ICN 148901, was an inmate on the Imperial prison barge Purge. While he was being transported to a detention moon aboard the barge, the engines broke down. A team was dispatched to a nearby derelict Star Destroyer to scavenge repair parts but when they returned, they'd contracted a new, strange plague that infected and killed many aboard the ship. Xakarta was trapped in his cell with no information while his cellmate suffered from the disease. Xakarta decided to write a letter to his "brother," telling him that Xakarta had finally became a famous criminal, having warranted arrest by the Galactic Empire. The letter was recovered aboard Purge after its occupants were decimated by the plague and it was released to the public for academic purposes in relation to the history of Purge.