Doctor Nubyl was a female Human surgeon who was "tragically disabled" and became a cyborg.


Nubyl was restored to full functionality by the same doctor who enhanced Durge and Jaing. Her cybernetic enhancements included a powered wheelchair, a pair of robotic arms, a mind-machine neural interface, her mouth covered with a breather, and her left eye replaced with a droid sensor.

After the surgery of Durge and Jaing was complete, she underwent ever further cyborgization. Only her shoulders and head remained intact, fitted to the upper body of the doctor's enhanced protocol droid. While in this body, Nubyl would spar with the other patients to test the capabilities of their combat enhancements.

She was battling Durge and Jaing in this manner when the doctor's surgical center was attacked by Mandalorians. When driving them out of the lab, she was hit by the blast from a thermal detonator and was thrown to the floor. Though her injuries appeared severe, the doctor seemed confident that he could repair her.



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