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Nuck Lyu was a male Jedi Master of the early Galactic Republic and Watchman of Esseles. He and his contemporary Jedi Master Sar Agorn had been searching for Force-sensitives in the outlying systems of the Corellian sector when they encountered a youth named Cope Shykrill.


According to Master Agorn, Nuck Lyu had been instructing a group of Jedi on how to use the Force to throw a new weapon of his own creation at wooden targets. During the lesson, Lyu noticed how Cope Shykrill excelled in his lesson by repeatedly hitting the targets with extreme precision. He was quite unnerved at how his own abilities with the bladed weapon took him nearly two months to master, but Cope's ability seemed "unnatural." He then expressed his concerns of Shykrill's abnormal abilities to Sar Agorn, who shrugged it off as a testament to Shykrill's potent Force attunement. Master Lyu however wasn't so sure. Lyu then returned to his post at Esseles, leaving with Master Agorn samples of his new blade. He also gave a stern warning to Agorn, telling him to pay closer attention to Shykrill.


Sometime later, Sar Agorn found Cope at a camp fire entertaining a small group of younger trainees with a shadowplay. As he watched, feelings of envy and shame washed over him. Confused, Agorn left the shadowplay for his own chambers to meditate. He was interrupted twenty-three minutes later by screaming--coming from the camp fire. Agorn rushed back to discover that the other padawans with Shykrill lay dead, and Shykrill himself badly wounded. Sar Agorn was determined to understand what had transpired, so he waited as the weeks went by for Cope's wounds to heal, and then beckoned him for a constitutional. He revealed to Cope that he had witnessed part of his shadowplay that night, and that he was unaware of his storytelling capabilities. Agorn then ventured out and asked Shykrill if the shadows he had cast during his shadowplay had "ever spoke to him." The youth replied that they did, and that it was time for Agorn to join the shadows. But even as Cope Shykrill began to exert his dark will over Sar Argorn, the Jedi Master was saved. From seemingly nowhere, one of Nuck Lyu's signature blades flew at the unsuspecting youth, cleaving his head from his body. It was Nuck Lyu himself who'd hurled the weapon from his hiding spot, having been summoned from Esseles secretly by Master Agorn. Both of them instinctively knew that Shykrill had been responsible for the trainees' deaths, and that the only way to free him of his evil was to end his life.

Talents, Powers & AbilitiesEdit

According to Sar Agorn, Nuck Lyu was the Jedi Watchman of the planet Esseles. It is unknown if he was the watchman for the entire Darpa sector. He was also an accomplished weaponsmith, having created a unique bladed weapon entirely of his own design. He was an instructor to Jedi initiates in some capacity; whether exclusively in the form of Force applications or lightsaber combat is unknown. Lyu was proficient with Force throw, especially with his unique weapon, as according to him it "still took me nearly two months to throw it with consistent accuracy." He seemed also to quite adept at Force sense (at least more so than Master Agorn), as he was able to sense the unnatural ability with which Cope Shykrill handled his unique blade, and the inherent danger the boy presented, while Master Agorn was not. He may have also been skilled with Art of the Small or Force cloak, since he was able to stay hidden from Cope Shykrill as the young man assaulted Sar Agorn.

Behind the scenesEdit

The story of Nuck Lyu is recounted by Master Agorn as he talks about his first encounter with what he described as a Dark Jedi. The story appears in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force.


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