The Nullifier was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer[1] of the Imperial Navy. In 0 ABY, the Nullifier was present above Corulag soon before the events of the skirmish on Corulag.

It was later dispatched to prevent two rebel Y-wings from destroying the cruiser Sodrab while it was still under reparation at Damorian Repair Yard near Draik 4. However, the Nullifier arrived too late and, when it started launching TIE/IN Interceptors, the Y-wings were already leaving the area.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nullifier is firstly identified as an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, joining the Rebellion, mission 1. It appears in the second target area if the player destroys at least one assault gunboat.



Notes and referencesEdit

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