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"Hey, Numbers, how much does our side win?"
"Eighty-five credits among us. Twenty in your pocket."
―Tenn Graneet and Numbers, prior to an arm-wrestling match[src]

Numbers was the nickname of a male Givin who was conscripted by the Galactic Empire prior to 0 BBY. In that year, he worked as a non-commissioned officer aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Steel Talon. As a member of a species that excelled in mathematics, Numbers was able to perform complex calculations almost instantaneously.[1]

While in a non-commissioned officer's cantina one day, Numbers was witness to an arm-wrestling contest between Master chief petty officer Tenn Graneet and Olzal Erne, the second-watch chief of the Star Destroyer's starboard array. After various other denizens placed bets, Numbers was called on to inform Graneet's supporters of how many credits they would pocket if Graneet won. He did win, and Numbers handed him his share of the spoils.[1]



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