"They're so busy hiding behind treaties, they're handing out credits like crazy. I mean, folks like you and me can make a killing."
―Numen Brock[src]

Numen Brock was a Twi'lek male smuggler who became a Galactic Republic privateer during the Galactic War. He was given the rank of Commander and was working with the Balmorran resistance on Balmorra


Numen Brock was initially a hired man by the Galactic Republic who was given the rank of Commander and joined the Balmorran resistance on Balmorra. He operated as a cryptographic analysis specialist overseeing all encoded Republic Communications in the planet and also the main contact of the SIS double-agent Golden. Numen was the owner of the droid Sixer that was stationed in Farnel Outpost during the start of the Galactic War.

In 3642 BBY, Brock served as the smuggler known as Voidhound's contact when the latter came to Balmorra to disrupt Project Nebula, an Imperial operation focused in developing advanced weaponry. Brock proceeded to assign the smuggler to retrieve new info from Golden in Imperial territory. He was eventually captured by the Imperials during a patrol, but was rescued from Camp Vigil by the Voidhound.

Behind the scenesEdit

Numen Brock can be romanced by the female Smuggler.