Nurm was a male Sullustan pilot.


He worked for Event Vistas, a corporation of luxury cruiser liners. In 8 ABY, he was the co-pilot of the Nebula Queen, a ship making regular runs to Coruscant. The main pilot of the ship was another Sullustan, Rostat Manr.

Manr was kidnapped and brainwashed by agents of the Empire. After hearing a trigger phrase, Manr tried to crash the Nebula Queen on Coruscant. Fortunately during the recent events of similar actions, there was a New Republic Intelligence officer, who convinced Nurm, what was happening. Nurm understood and took over piloting from auxiliary bridge. When Manr came to confront him, Nurm stunned him. Intelligence officer then reported to General Airen Cracken, while Manr was arrested. By Being the most senior officer, Nurm became the acting captain of the Queen.

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