Nuro Tualin was a Twi'lek male flight officer in the New Republic Defense Fleet.


Flying with Polearm Squadron as Polearm Two, Tualin was stationed aboard Mon Remonda during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. While on leave, Tualin was brainwashed as part of Zsinj's Project Funeral, and just before the Battle of Jussafet Four, his programming was activated by a Mon Remonda cafeteria worker, Galey.

Just after Polearm Squadron launched into battle, Tualin claimed his A-wing had an engine failure. Polearm Leader ordered him to fall back, and he headed for Mon Remonda. His actual intention was to attack the bridge, but Wraith Four, Tyria Sarkin, acted on a subconscious Force impulse to follow him. She warned the cruiser of his intent just before he fired his laser cannons at the bridge.

He punctured the bridge's transparisteel viewport, and hovered over the ship's bow for another shot. Wraith Four warned him to surrender, but he fled down the length of the ship. Sarkin pursued Tualin in her X-wing, as the crew evacuated the bridge.

As Tualin turned around to make another pass at the bridge, Sarkin shot him down with a proton torpedo.


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