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Nuubsal the Hutt was the slave pen overseer on board the Consolidations Unlimited starship Tarnta's Fang. He belonged to a clan which was on the losing end of an extended intra-Hutt conflict, its survivors were scattered throughout the galaxy. He had tried his hand in the covert, manipulative forms of crime that his race was supposed to excel at, but never quite got the hang of it. Because of this, he was reduced to actual physical labor, acting as a slave driver for Tarnta Banes gang. Needless to say, this made him bitter, caustic, and hateful to everyone he met, which made him even better as his job. Since he couldn't challenge Tarnta, or any of his other associates of higher rank, for a position of real importance, he took out his frustrations on the slaves. He could usually be found waddling up and down the catwalk of the Fangs slave pens, shocking captives with his stun stick and following it up with witty comments. He enjoyed pitting slaves against each other, forcing them to fight over food, supplies, and preferential treatment (i.e. not getting stunned into unconsciousness). This was as close as he could get to the vaunted manipulation his race was famous for. At all times he had a contingent of four guards with him, in case of serious difficulties, who were always armed with blasters. When a group of rebels invaded the Fang and caused a slave revolt, it is thought that he either died from the slaves, or when the ship crashed in to Darstell 4.