Nuutu Plunb was a female Sullustan dispatcher employed by Xizor Transport Systems. She was in charge of small cargo routing in a starport sector on Lianna. A perceptive being, she was an able businessperson and a discreet functionary of the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Nuutu ran an efficient operation, emblazoning all equipment and uniforms with the XTS logo and employing well-trained guards for security rather than mercenary thugs. In addition to her regular fleet of transport freighters, Nuutu often hired private contractors and smugglers, always making sure to meet individually with the pilots before their assignments. She employed both legitimate transport captains and discreet smugglers for XTS's illegal operations. Her docking bay was well equipped for starship repair, and she offered her pilots many perks, such as free repairs, upgrades, credit vouchers to the XTS store, and "favors" owed.


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