Nwarcol Point, also known as the Sisar Terminal, was a major refueling starport located in the Nwarcol system where the Sisar Run and Salin Corridor merged. Despite being small, it saw a great deal of traffic, benefiting not only from its location (which attracted a great number of small- and medium-sized transports bound for the Outer Rim Territories) but from direct investment from Xizor Transport Systems as well. The station included a casino, which brought in nearly 20 percent of the station's income. Security included a group of Weequay guards controlled by the Black Sun Vigo Sprax, three CR90 corvettes, and over forty other combat-worthy starships. In 3 ABY the commander of the starfighter contingent at Nwarcol was the former Rebel Y-wing pilot named Welinarro.



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