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"Greetings. I represent the great pirate lord Nym."
―Nym's Envoy[src]

Nym's Envoy was a droid that served the pirate warlord Nym.

In 1 ABY the droid bounty hunter IG-88 took control of Nym's Factory Compound in the desert of Lok. The assassin droid wanted to use the factory to mass produce droids and replicate himself, as part of his Droid Revolution. To get help with this problem, Nym sent his envoy to the township of Aurilia where it recruited able adventurers that helped the pirate leader remove the assassin droid from the factory without drawing unwanted attention.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nym's Envoy was a non-player character in Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15, 2011. He was the starting point for the IG-88 heroic encounter, sending players on a short series of quests to gain access to the droid factory on Lok.

The droid was added to the game with Chapter 7 in November 2007, along with the IG-88 instance and the new township of Aurilia. He is modeled after 8t88 from the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.