Nyronusa was a male Tarasin, who lived in the Cularin system during the time of the Galactic Republic. He disliked the Metatheran Cartel and during the Clone Wars, attempted to attack a celebration that the Cartel was holding on the moon Dorumaa.


Nyronusa was a member of the Buraka irstat, a Tarasin tribe that was responsible for protecting the sacred ch'hala tree grove on the planet Cularin. However, the grove was cut down by the Metatheran Cartel, so Nyronusa vowed for revenge against them. Afterwards, he became an activist for an extremist faction of the Bark Lovers' Alliance, a local environmental group. However, as he needed money, he also became a member of the band Piggie and the Orbiting Nasties.

During the Clone Wars, the Cartel organized a celebration on the moon Dorumaa. Nyronusa and some of his fellow members of the Buraka irstat believed that attacking the event would be the perfect way to gain revenge against the Cartel. They transported a number of mulissiki and kilassin from Cularin and released them near to where the event was being held, in hope that the creatures would attack and kill all of the people present at the event. However, the heroes of Cularin killed all the creatures and stopped Nyronusa.

Personality and traitsEdit

Nyronusa believed that he and his tribe were forever shamed by their failure to protect the sacred ch'hala tree grove. He thought that the Metatheran Cartel was evil and blighted the galaxy, so should be destroyed. He was a pacifist, except towards Caarites, the dominant species within the Cartel, as he wanted to kill their entire species.