The Nysshyyyk were a clan of Wookiees that were native to their homeworld of Kashyyyk. They were noted as being proud warriors as well as traditionally one of the best clock makers on the planet. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Imperial forces subjugated their world and the clan suffered when half of its male members were taken off-planet for slave labor due to their species technical capabilities.

At least a hundred of their number was taken to the Maw Installation during the construction of that facility where they were tormented a brutal slave master known as Lakky. Within a month of their enslavement, twelve members of the clan took their own life rather than continue with their harsh existence; eight of their number attempted repeated sabotage attempts at the facility within the Maw until they were killed while four others simply opened their space suits in a vacuum leading to their deaths by suicide. The clan members remained at the installation after its completion but were later employed for zero-gravity work during the construction of the Death Star prototype, however, fifty of their number lost their lives during their hazardous work. The Nysshyyyk clan became a broken shadow of itself after being beaten to the point that they had lost all hope on a change of their future. Nawruun was one of the oldest surviving members of the clan that remained on the Maw Installation.