The Nyubba-class cargo barge driver was a segmented freight barge driver produced by SoroSuub Transport Systems.


The vessel was almost fully automated, requiring only a crew of two to operate, typically one Sullustan and one droid to monitor the systems during take-off and landing procedures.

The Nyubba-class was a bulky, narrow craft with five spherical sections and an offset lateral engine core strut. The offset main engine allowed cargo barges to attach to the fore and aft of the driver, generally attaching three on each side. However, it was not uncommon to attach more barges to haul more cargo.


Nyubba-class freighters accounted for approximately 20 percent of all Sorosuub cargo transfers, filling in gaps left by bulk freighters and container ships. The Nyubba-class were considered the work-nerfs of the SoroSuub Transport and Supply Division. Slow and lightly armed, they were popular targets for pirates if they strayed too far from the shipping lanes.

There was a rivalry between Nyubba-class transport pilots, centering around the number of barges the ship could haul in one trip over a prescribed distance. The holder of the record - thirteen barges over thirty-five parsecs - was the Chubby Gundark.