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"Hold it. Where are you going with these prisoners?"
"We're transferring them aboard the shuttle from Citadel to Point Tarron."
"Point Tarron? There's no outpost there."
"Uh, it's new...we have orders. We're coming aboard."
―OOM-10 tries convincing a B1 battle droid into letting them leave the Citadel.[src]

OOM-10 was a battle droid used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. He was second-in-command of R2-D2's battle droid squadron.[4]


Infiltrating the CitadelEdit


OOM-10, alongside the other two Reprogrammed Battle Droids, was assigned to aid a small Republic Task Force to infiltrate the Separatist prison, The Citadel. After landing on the planet where the Citadel was located, using a stolen Separatist shuttle, this droid stayed behind with R2-D2 and the other two droids. When R2 received orders from Jedi General Anakin Skywalker to pick them up from a certain area of the Citadel, OOM-10, R2 and the other two droids flew the ship to the meeting area.


When K2-B4, the tactical droid stationed in the Citadel arrived instead of the team, OOM-10 and the droids were forced to act as if R2 was their prisoner and were taking him for interrogation. When they were in the clear, R2 then realized that Obi-Wan Kenobi and his team would be walking into a trap, he was right as Kenobi and his team were captured but while they were being taken to interrogation, OOM-10 managed to convince the Security Battle Droids escorting them to hand the prisoners over.

They then rushed Kenobi's team back to the ship waiting outside, where they met with Skywalker's team. However, OOM-10's reprogramming had been revealed to the Separatists by K2-B4 and a group of battle droids, droid commandos with energy shields and two crab droids rushed outside to confront the team. In the firefight which ensued, ARC trooper Echo was reported missing in action.



The squad prepares for their last stand against the enemy.

OOM-10 and the remaining members of the team managed to retreat to the caves below the Citadel where they waited for the Republic forces that had been called by Kenobi to arrive. However, while heading for the extraction point, Battle droids arrived and ambushed them. R2 then ordered the droids to hold them back while the squad escaped. In the end, although the team managed to escape with only two casualties, the entire battle droid team was destroyed.


Notes and referencesEdit

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