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"These things could be dangerous if they ever learn to think straight."
"Shoot straight."
―A Nebula Front mercenary and Arwen Cohl[src]

OOM security battle droids, also known as the OOM-series security droid, were security droids of the Trade Federation and Confederacy of Independent Systems used for the purposes of defense and detection.

Security droids were characterized by red markings on their shoulders and upper abdomen, which distinguished them from other variants of the OOM model. They most commonly worked in squads led by an OOM command battle droid. Trade Federation security droids fulfilling their most common role as guards on capital ships carried the standard weapons (E-5 blaster rifles) used by similar models.

The ubiquitous model served as the basis of the B1 battle droid used in the Trade Federation's Droid Army, although the latter model had less complicated programming. However, the targeting and coordination of the security droids was little better than that of their cousins, and often failed to consistently hit their target.

Like the B1, the OOM security battle droid model saw varied use after the Clone Wars.


The OOM security battle droid were characterized by red markings on their torso and shoulders. They were equipped with the E-5 blaster rifle as their primary weapon. The OOM security droid lacked in accuracy and coordination. This made it fail to consistently hit its intended target, making it easy to destroy.[3]

Standing 1.91 meters, the security droids were produced by Baktoid Combat Automata.[1]


The OOM Security battle droid was first designed as a security droid. It was manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata as part of the OOM droid line. OOM security battle droids were created for defense and detection. They generally operated in squads led by an OOM commander droid on Capital starships.[3] One such squad was the squad lead by OWO-1.[3] The OOM security battle droid served as the basis of the B1 battle droid.[1]

OOM Battle Droids

A squad of OOM security droids and an OOM Commander.

They were used by the Trade Federation during the Subjugation of Naboo. Aboard the capital ship Saak'ak, security droids patrolled the hallways and attacked the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. Security droids also accompanied Viceroy Nute Gunray, OOM-9, and Queen Amidala through the streets of Theed but were then destroyed.[3]

OOM security droids were added to the Confederacy of Independent Systems when the Trade Federation committed its forces. Security droids then saw service on Capital ships such as the Invisible Hand.[6]

After the Clone Wars ended, many security droids were shut down. Like the B1, some droids were reactivated by gangs and Separatist holdouts serving as guards.

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The OOM security battle droid made a non-canonical appearance in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. They appeared on the very first level and also could be played as. In The Clone Wars series the security droids were given incorrect areas for red markings as well as having a backpack which OOM droids didn't have.


OOM security droids rots

OOM security droids on board the Invisible Hand.


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