OSETS 2711 was an Orbital Solar Energy Transfer Satellite above Coruscant. It was placed under the command of Virar Needa, though it was remotely commandeered by Rogue Squadron during their attempt to bring down the planet's shields. The Rogues focused the energy reflected from OSETS 2711 onto a water reservoir, boiling it and causing a series of huge thunderstorms that knocked out Coruscant's computer systems.

It was subsequently used to focus sunlight toward one of the Golan stations defending Coruscant, neutralizing the defense platform by burning a hole through the hull. Lieutenant Needa made no effort to stop the satellite from being used in this manner, hoping that the New Republic would treat him better than the Empire did.

The meticulous traffic observation logs kept by Lieutenant Needa later helped Iella Wessiri in her search for the truth about Corran Horn's apparent death.


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