OT-15 Eradicator Droid was the designation of a battle droid located on Balmorra around 3642 BBY, when it was destroyed.


The droid consisted of a roughly spherical main body, two arms with attached weapons, and a three-legged lower body. The main body's top and bottom hemispheres were separated by a small ridge. The droid's two red photoreceptors were situated on the front of the droid in the ridge that separated the top and bottom hemispheres. The droid had two arms that ended in triple barreled blaster weapons. The lower body of the droid extended from the main body by a small stalk and had three legs in a triangular formation.

Behind the scenesEdit

The OT-15 Eradicator Droid appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic as a Champion boss on Quesh. It is not directly involved in any quests, but can be killed for loot and as part of the achievement. This article assumes 100% game completion, which means it was destroyed.