This article is about a city on Tatooine. You may be looking for the moon called Oasis.
"As the familiar Bantha welcomed us to this world after our long journey, so we welcome you."
―The cornerstone of life in Oasis[src]

The Oasis – or simply "Oasis" – was a Dim-U religious community in the middle of the desert of Tatooine, far from any larger cities.


The Oasis consisted of several distinctly Tatooinian houses and a number of moisture farms.

The people of Oasis were friendly and trusting, welcoming travelers of the desert. The inhabitants did not ask question of their visitors, but entertained them with food, drink, and song. They respected the Sand People because of their communal relationship with the bantha, which the Dim-U held to be sacred. Banthas roamed the streets, and children often played on them.

In 0 ABY, Jodo Kast and a crew of bounty hunters came to Oasis looking for information on Adar Tallon. When Kast grew angry at the lack of information, the high priest of Oasis, Dryon, expelled him and his group from the town, as anger was not the way of the bantha. Kast's partner Zardra later returned to attack the village and get information, but she was repelled by a group of Rebels who had come to the town in the meantime.