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Ob Fortuna was a male Twi'lek from Ryloth, and a distant relative of Bib Fortuna, majordomo to Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Ob Fortuna, too, became a majordomo; to the Trandoshan Cradossk, head of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Although Ob was Cradossk's longest-serving aide, Ob felt little loyalty to Cradossk, and the conniving Twi'lek plotted with several bounty hunters—including Cradossk's own son Bossk—to overthrow his master. Ob dug out peepholes in the walls of Cradossk's throne room in the Guild headquarters, allowing him to monitor the Trandoshan's every move.

Eventually, Bossk launched a coup against his father, killing him. Ob Fortuna fled the Guild headquarters for pastures new, booking transport with N'dru Suhlak. Unfortunately for the Twi'lek, Boba Fett was on his trail, and apprehended his vessel near Uhltenden. Fortuna was so terrified of being taken back to the bounty hunters that he strangled himself to death with a length of cable.

Boba Fett's bounty, however, was paid whether Fortuna was dead or alive. His hunt complete, Fett took Ob Fortuna's head for proof, and blew the late Twi'lek's body out of an airlock.


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