The obedience-rational module,[1] also referred to as the obedience-rationale module, was a subsystem of a droid's behavioral circuitry matrix. It comprised two submodules: the Obedience Module and the Cogitative Theory Unit. Successful interaction of the submodules caused droids to behave in a logical and socially acceptable manner.[2] A malfunction could produce inexplicable or erratic behavior. C-3PO believed that R2-D2's obedience-rational module had developed a flutter, leading to the droid's refusal to replay the holomessage from Princess Leia Organa in front of Luke Skywalker after the pair of droids had been bought by the Lars family.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

C-3PO mentioned the obedience-rational module in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. A Guide to the Star Wars Universe deemed it part of the behavioral circuitry matrix but mistranscribed its name as Obedience-Rationale Module. This latter term was later used in The New Essential Guide to Droids. However, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia used both terms. "Obedience-rationale module" was used in the entry for behavioral circuitry matrix, while "obedience-rational module" was the name of the component's specific encyclopedia entry.



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