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This article is about Obi-Wan Kenobi's Delta-7B. You may be looking for Obi-Wan's Delta-7 which he flew just prior and at the beginning of the Clone Wars..

The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Obi-Wan Kenobi flew a Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor with R4-P17 during the Clone Wars.


OWK Delta-7B 2

Kenobi's Delta-7B linked with a Syluire-31 hyperspace docking ring

Obi-Wan flew alongside Anakin's Delta-7B in the Battle of Christophsis. He then piloted the craft to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, and fought in the Battle of Teth.

Later, Obi-Wan flew the Delta-7B again with Anakin's fighter again, as they led Ghost Squadron during the Battle of Nexus Ortai. However, the Republic withdrew when, after both sides sustained heavy casualties, the CIS brought reinforcements out of hyperspace. At some point during the Clone Wars, he used this ship for transport to Mandalore to inspect rumors that Duchess Satine Kryze was leading the New Mandalorians to war against the Republic.

Behind the scenesEdit

WizKids, Inc., before its operations were discontinued by The Topps Company, Inc., provided a sneak peak at Obi-Wan's Delta-7B as a game piece in the Clone Wars expansion.

As with Plo Koon's Blade of Dorin and Adi Gallia's Delta-7B along with Ahsoka Tano's Delta-7B and Saesee Tiin's Delta-7B, the hull graphics design on Kenobi's ship was later reused on Barriss Offee's Delta-7B just with a different color scheme.



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