Oblivion's Kiss

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Oblivion's Kiss
Attribution information

August Hahn

Publication information

RPGA (Wizards of the Coast)

Release date

December 2001

Media type

RPG adventure




Rise of the Empire era


31 BBY


Living Force campaign

Preceded by

Tilnes Rising

Followed by


"Good Citizen of Cularin,

Your recent activities have shown your allegiance and dedication to our fair system. I would like to personally thank you for your hard work and extend my best wishes for your future endeavors. If Cularin is to take the place I know it can among the elite of the Republic, it will need good people like you. Well done.

I also contact you to ask that you consider engaging in a task for me. This will require the utmost discretion and if your personal schedule or connections will not allow you to work immediately and quietly at this time, I understand. Disregard this part of the message and take with you my gratitude for your efforts to date. If, however, you wish to consider my offer, please continue this transmission.
Lavina Wren[src]

Oblivion's Kiss was a roleplaying-game adventure in the Living Force campaign. It was a stand-alone adventure set at the end of the first year of the campaign. It was written by August Hahn.

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