Obsessive-compulsive disorder was a condition that caused an individual to develop unnatural obsessions and compulsive behavior. These could include an intense interest in specific objects,[1] or the affected individual could display repetitive behavior, such as cleaning themselves and organizing items, even while in the company of others. The Wookiee bartender Hurrwarr was afflicted with this disorder and his constant preening and organization would sometimes drive away his clientele.[2] Murk Lundi, a Quermian Sith historian, also suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which triggered his obsession with locating a Sith holocron.[1]

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder first appeared in 2001, with the June publication of Head in the Clouds, a Living Force role-playing adventure. The diagnostic criteria for the real-world disorder are similar to the symptoms displayed by Hurrwarr, in which the sufferer has recurrent and persistent thoughts and impulses that the individual may attempt to suppress with other thought patterns, along with displaying repetitive behavior, such as hand washing and ordering.[3][4]



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