Obus VI was an aquatic planetoid that was located in Wild Space region the galaxy that was uncharted before the Eternal Empire conquest of 3637 BBY. It was picked by The Shroud as the location of his new multi-part base of operations - The Coil - for its proximity to Zakuul. After the construction was completed, the base consisted of underwater section, an underground section beneath that, and a space elevator linking the facility to an asteroid base. Obus VI was surrounded by the strongest scrambling field credits could buy. The field prevented any unauthorized communications, leaving the entire planetoid undetectable. The entire complex was destroyed in 3631 BBY when the assassin droid HK-55 made his escape from the base.[1]

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Obus VI appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire during Interlude: Shroud of Memory.


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