Occo Ninebar was a Neelabi podracer. During his early life, he was exiled from his aquatic homeworld of Neelabi. Occo knew that the only way for him to return to Neelabi was if he became a podracing champion. To fulfill this goal, Occo flew the Enser Flay 254 which allowed him to remain enveloped in water during his races.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Occo Ninebar is an anagram for Brian Coonce,[source?] lead game designer and art director for Star Wars: Racer Revenge.

The word 'Neelabi,' Ninebar's species, is an altered, backwards version of the word 'baleen,' the rows of tooth-like brushes that fill a whale's mouth and filter out krill and plankton.

The Enser Flay 254, Ninebar's podracer, is a Pig Latin reference to the word 'flenser' (a profession responsible for butchering whales to harvest oil and ambergris). 254 refers to Brian Coonce's phone extension at Rainbow Studios (where the game was developed) at the time.


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