Ochotl Ag was a planet located in the Airam sector, just outside the Pangarees. Shockball star and Separatist hero Kob Mondray originated from this planet. Affiliated with the Corporate Alliance prior to the Separatist Crisis, mistreatment by neighboring Eriadu encouraged Ochotl and the entire Airam sector to secede from the Galactic Republic and join the CIS in 26 BBY.


Ochotl was an agricultural world known for producing chak-root. Harvested crops were stored in orbital depots. Ochotl's sector was located along the Rimma Trade Route.


The planet was home to Kob Mondray, a famous shockball player and during the Clone Wars a hero for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Thanks to Kob Mondray's playing, Ochotl Ag's corporate team managed to win the Airam Sector Championships of 31 BBY.

Sometime around 26 BBY Ochotl became a member of the Corporate Alliance in order to better compete with other agricultural worlds in the Pangarees. These planets were controlled by Eriaduan interests with strong influence in the courts. It was not long after this that Ochotl's entire chak-root crop was destroyed amid an investigation into a possible corris weevil infestation. Though ultimately nothing was found, the planet was put on a three-year probationary list, effectively destroying the market for Ochotl's exports. After the Corporate Alliance announced that they intended to seek arbitration for Ochotl's case, the planet's orbital depots were attacked and destroyed by pirates from Nocto. The Republic Outland Regions Security Force responded half-heartedly to the attack, which convinced many that the ORSF was simply a tool of Eriadu's naked self-interest. In reaction, the planet later seceded, along with the entire sector, from the Republic and joined the burgeoning CIS.


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