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The octuptarra virus (also called the clone disease) was one of several pathogens created by Separatist experimenters during the first year of the Clone Wars.


The virus targeted the specific genome of the Galactic Republic's clone trooper forces. The Confederacy installed the virus in aerosol canisters placed within the heads of octuptarra combat tri-droids, which would make suicide attacks on the heart of enemy infantry formations, releasing a spray of the contagion. The Republic soon developed an antidote for the virus, but the campaign led to the droids being nicknamed "virus droids."

At the end of the war, octuptarra droids carrying the pathogen were part of a Confederate attack on Coruscant. After the battle, traces of the virus from destroyed droids that had fallen into the lowest levels of the planetwide city mutated into a form that infected the Shashay and other avian species, leading to an outbreak of molting.