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Odacer-Faustin was a planet with a cold harsh terrain. Heavy snow and high winds constantly buffeted the planet.


It was home to a Sith academy during the Cold War. The academy was founded by Darth Drear, an ancient Sith Lord whose power was unmistakable. When the academy was created, Darth Drear built a Sith temple underneath the library, which contained scores of ancient Sith lore. Later, he hid his holocron in the temple. Another feature of the academy was the enormous, black tower that was the central point of the academy. It was here that Darth Scabrous kept his secret laboratory on the very top of the tower. Nobody at the academy knew about the temple or the holocron except Scabrous and the Neti librarian, Dail'Liss. Darth Scabrous unlocked the secrets in the holocron, which held the secrets to eternal life. This holocron contained a formula and a list of ingredients to create an ancient Sith potion that granted immortality. However, this potion killed the subject first, then turned them into a ravenous, cannibalistic zombie.

Behind the scenesEdit

The snow planet Odacer-Faustin where the Sith Academy exists is based on a combination of Hoth and the snowy terrain of The Shining.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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