"All the ships fueled up and ready, Oddy?"
"Yeah, Poe. I wish I were going with you, though."
"You'll get your shot, buddy. Little more training and you'll be right up there with us. One thing the Resistance needs, it's pilots."
Poe Dameron and Oddy Muva[src]

Oddy Muva was a male Abednedo technician and aspiring pilot who served the Resistance during its conflict with the First Order. Muva was undertaking training to become a pilot and fly in combat missions. He fueled and prepared the starfighters for Black Squadron on the D'Qar resistance base prior to their mission to seek out Lor San Tekka. He assisted pilots Poe Dameron, Snap Wexley, Karé Kun, L'ulo L'ampar, and Jessika Pava. Before their departure, Muva expressed disappointment to Dameron that he was not accompanying them on the mission. Dameron assured him he would get the opportunity at a future date after further pilot training, due to the Resistance's need for pilots.


Oddy Muva was a technician and pilot who was a member of the Resistance's Black Squadron during the First Order–Resistance conflict. After General Leia Organa recruited Captain Poe Dameron and Black Squadron for a secret mission to find the explorer Lor San Tekka, Poe asked Muva if their starfighters were fueled and ready. When Muva expressed his wish that he could join them, Poe reassured him that he would get his chance once he had received more training. Black Squadron's mission to Ovanis was complicated when Poe discovered that somebody had planted a tracking device on his T-70 X-wing fighter.[1] Despite being attacked by the First Order Agent Terex, Black Squadron managed to escape into space.[2]

Following their return, Oddy asked Jessika Pava about the new boosters he and his fellow mechanics had installed on her A-wing starfighter. Jessika credited the new boosters for enhancing the speeder of her squadron's X-wings. When Oddy remarked that he wished that he had been there, Jessika reassured him that he would get his turn once the Resistance obtained a few more starfighters from the New Republic. Jessika also told Oddy that he was the best technician. When Jessika invited him for drinks, Oddy asked her about her new mission. Jessika mentioned that they were going to a prison. The two then gave a toast to faster ships and defying death. Despite Black Squadron's precautions, Terex still learned of their mission to Megalox Beta.[3]

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Oddy Muva was a technician in the Resistance who had aspirations of flying a starfighter.[1] Despite his skills as a technician, Oddy was despondent at not being able to fly a starfighter.[3]

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Oddy Muva is a supporting character in the ongoing Marvel Comics Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic series, which first premiered in 2016.


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