Odir Tumris was a male Sathari and the Patriarch of the Tumris clan, a powerful family in the city of Quolas on Arbooine.


Born into the Tumris clan in the city of Quolas on the planet Arbooine, Omir Tumris was present in the city when Jedi Knight Suljo Warde and Gel Marcolf arrived to settle a dispute between the Tumris clan and the Helshar clan. When Marcolf was installed as the interim magistrate of the city, Patriarch Tumris agreed to the posting but came to view it ruefully when Jedi Warde never returned to settle the contested reeveship. Over time, Tumris hated the Jedi and Marcolf for interfering with Quolas politics; he believed his family would have triumphed in their contest with the Helshars.

While Tumris was not self-motivated, he was open to the idea of mobilizing a strike against the dictatorial rule of Reeve Marcolf. His discontent with the foreign ruler was so great he was even willing to join the hated Helshars to end the unlawful rule over their city.