The Office of Peace and Security, usually known as OPS, was the police force for Gadrin and Hedrett.[1] Several of Cularin's platform cities also had OPS divisions in their cities, while others supplied their own police forces. OPS also seemed to have some jurisdiction over the unsettled jungles of Cularin, sometimes taking action against smugglers or other criminals who attempted to hide their illegal activities in the forests.

In Gadrin and Hedrett, the security forces of the local trading concerns such as House Hirskaala or Renna's Transport Service had jurisdiction that superseded OPS in cases directly affecting the trading concern and their industrial security. They had the right to arrest and interrogate suspects, though those suspects ultimately would be turned over to OPS for punishment. OPS was responsible for reviewing the security forces to make sure they were competent.[1]

The uniform for OPS officers consisted of pressed whites.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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