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"Commander Bylsma, something has torn a hole in Deck Eight-Five-Nine!"
―Ogden to Commander Bylsma on the Dibrook Space Station[src]

Ogden served as a captain in the New Republic Defense Fleet on Dibrook Space Station under Commander Bylsma in 25 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


"Commander Bylsma, that thing is firing - at the enemy!"
―Ogden to Bylsma during the Battle of Dibrook[src]

When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the Dibrook Space Station, Ogden alerted his commander and kept him apprised of the situation while the station's complement of starfighters fought against the invaders. Shortly after, the Heart of Artorias appeared and started firing on the Yuuzhan Vong ships. Ogden and Bylsma recognized it as friendly, and the commander ordered the fighters to withdraw. After all enemy ships had been defeated, the Heart of Artorias docked with the damaged station to take on refugees.

Ogden and four of his troops were first on the scene to investigate the captured enemy ship. He was quite impressed by how the rebellious Artorian Kaye Galfridian and the other former prisoners had taken over the ship, but when he ordered his troops to take over the bridge so that the New Republic could research it, he was forcibly stopped by Arbeloa, a Cilare captive of the Yuuzhan Vong and Kaye Galfridian's confidant. Kaye thereafter informed Ogden that the ship would only serve as a refugee vessel. The captain was released by Arbeloa after he ordered his men to stand down.

Shortly after this brief altercation, Kaye met Ogden's superior, Bylsma, and asked him for help rescuing people that the Yuuzhan Vong had taken to the surface of Dibrook during the battle. Ogden was opposed to the idea, but Bylsma ordered him to accompany Kaye on the mission, accompanied by the station's contingent of troops. After they had touched down on the planet, Ogden tried to take control of the mission with his own tactics but, on Kaye Galfridian's orders, the captain was overpowered by Arbeloa and bound. Galfridian remarked afterwards that Ogden's tactics would have led to unnecessary casualties.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"He is a fool and would've gotten people killed."
―Kaye Galfridian speaking of Ogden on Dibrook, shortly after the captain's exclusion from the mission[src]

Ogden was a hot-headed individual, who would openly criticize others' decisions. Despite his rank, he would take a hasty, less effective course of action if he saw fit, and would thus endanger people under his command. His antagonistic nature would be his undoing on Dibrook, where Kaye Galfridian would order Ogden off the mission due to his arguments against a preferable approach.



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