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Ogem was the homeworld of the near-Human Ogemite species.[1] It was located in the D'Aelgoth sector in the Mid Rim,[2] along the D'Aelgoth Trade Route.[1] It was a busy trade world[1] that generally avoided involvement in galactic politics.[4]

Many Ogemite males tended to become traders. Very few females became traders, and inheritances passed from father to son unless the family had no male child.[4]

The Ogemites attempted to negotiate trade agreements with the more progressive families of the nearby Juvex sector.[1] Ogem shed its political neutrality shortly after the Battle of Yavin, siding with the Rebel Alliance when the Galactic Empire's credit became over-extended. The Empire retaliated by sending transports full of squills infested with Bledsoe's disease into the markets.[4]

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