"Not even a Neimoidian would pull that kind of maneuver. I bet he rigged the table to do it."
―Ohh Bronna[src]

Ohh Bronna was an Abyssin dejarik grandmaster who made HoloNet headlines in 22 BBY for a brawl he became involved in.


Bronna defeated the Abyssin stereotype of an aggressive thug. He was cool and collected, qualities which helped him rise to the top of the dejarik world and win the Colonies region championship at least once before.

In 22 BBY, he attended the championship again, and became the favorite to win it all once more. However, in his quarter-final match against the Siniteen Corwin Kaezeb, Bronna flew into a blind rage after Kaezeb executed what appeared to be an illegal move, and began beating and strangling his opponent before officials managed to separate them.

In the chaos, two other players attempted to cheat by resetting their gameboards while their opponents watched the brawl. D'nisenz, winner of the only match not to ultimately be nullified, thus became the champion by default.