"Ohta: ex-mercenary and bounty hunter. Cast out of the Mandalorians for dishonorable conduct. He'll provide support and demolitions."
Bax Kholer[src]

Ohta was a male Human mercenary and bounty hunter active during the Cold War. At one point allied with the Mandalorians, he was disowned by them for unworthy behavior. Eventually he was caught by the Galactic Republic and send to Belsavis prison. During the Battle of Belsavis in 3641 BBY he was sprung out of his cell along his three other prisoners - Chaney Barrow, Kanjon Slyke and Paarkos. Their rescuer posed as a fellow inmate, but was in fact Imperial Intelligence operative Cipher Nine. The prisoners released were chosen for their skills and were asked to provide means to break into the Megasecurity Ward 23. To avoid the attention of SCORPIO security system, they came up with a plan to reprogram security droids and order them to cause havok, thus triggering multiple alarms at different locations at once, overloading SCORPIO's capabilities. The plan eventually worked, though SCORPIO managed to disconnect herself from the network and upload her consciousness back into her droid body.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ohta can be killed by the player at their first confrontation if the player picks the dark side option. If Otha is kept alive, he and Slyke band together against Chaney while the player is infiltrating Megasecurity Ward 23.


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