Ojo was a male Nautolan who used to be a member of the Black Sun crime syndicate, along with Ketsu Onyo. At some point before the insurgency on Lothal, he befriended a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Sabine Wren. Their friendship turned sour, however, when Ojo betrayed the Black Sun, selling some of their secrets to their enemies, and Wren was hired to capture the Nautolan and deliver him to the syndicate. After that, Ojo was kept prisoner at a base on Smarab, in a cell that housed nothing but a bed, a table and chair, a sink, and a few books. During his long detention, the Nautolan devised escape plans, and occasionally practiced paper-folding to pass the time.[1]

One day, Ojo saw the door to his cell open, revealing Sabine Wren in her distinctive armor. The Mandalorian told him she had changed her ways since their last encounter. She now fought for a greater cause, and was determined to right her past wrongs. In spite of his bottled-up resentment, Ojo ended up accepting Wren's help, and the two fought their way out of the base. Aboard the Phantom, the Nautolan told his former friend that he could not simply forget what she had done to her, but would take her return into account.[1]

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