Ojomian onions were a type of onion. They were a very commonly used ingredient and featured in a large number of the dishes available at Dex's Diner on the planet of Coruscant and were probably also used a lot across the rest of the galaxy. On Jettster's menu, the onions were used in Apple slug stew, Nyork chowder, Fried Nerf steak, Shaak pot roast, "Besalisk's Bellyful" hash, and Gartro egg omelet. They were also served grilled on the Coruscant slider.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Ojomian onions are mentioned in a Hyperspace-exclusive release, Dining at Dex's by Gregory Walker, which represents the in-universe menu of Dex's Diner. Ojom is a planet in the Star Wars galaxy and it is the homeworld of Jettster's species, the Besalisk.[3] However, a definitive connection between the food and the planet is not established in Walker's work.


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