Okator VIII was a planet located in the Eucer sector of the Mid Rim.


Okator was a relatively cold planet of forested hills, ridges and valleys, with poor soil that could be farmed only with effort. Settlements included Derway Township, Shillagh Hollow, and Duny Gap.[2]


Around 24,000 BBY, a number of colonists from Little Atullus settled the planet as farmers, domesticating the native whellays for their meat and coats and planting orchards of charsby pitchers.[2] It occasionally received tradeships from Uthtara and Hleua, but otherwise was considered isolated.[2]

Nevertheless, Okator VIII was raided by ships of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion towards the end of the Tionese War, bombarding the colonists' settlements from orbit with plasma cannons and pressure bombs, leaving only one survivor, who recorded the events of the raid in a Baragwin sense lattice.[2]


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