"Mandalorian society traditionally centered around warfare. Throughout history, its members fought for both honor and credits with equal fervor. Recently, Mandalorian culture has fractured into three separate groups: The New Mandalorians, The Death Watch, and the Old Mandalorians."
Friends Like These[src]

The Old Mandalorians were a group of Mandalorians exiled by the New Mandalorians after their Civil War.

The language of Mando'a was especially used among the Old Mandalorians, who believe that the language allows more precision in speech when discussing combat.

Members of clans Awaud and Beroya were among the Old Mandalorians. Those living on Vlemoth Port had entered into an alliance with one of the Talz groups living on the world, the Gnaaz tribe.


Like the Death Watch, the Old Mandalorians were exiled from their homeworld after the Civil War.

Prior the Clone Wars, Nam Beroya led three hundred Mandalorians to Vlemoth Port and founded the settlement of Arumorut, where their number would eventually grow to eight hundred.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Old Mandalorians were first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the roleplaying game adventure book Friends Like These, published on December 8, 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games.