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"He fancies himself a mystic...a shaman...capable of summoning some legendary monster to save our village!"
―Oncho Shen[src]

The Old One was a man who lived in a small village on Aduba-3. As a young man, he once witnessed the Behemoth from the World Below.

He grew old, eventually becoming the grandfather to the beautiful Merri. Even after years and years, he was still fascinated by the Behemoth he had seen decades prior. He claimed to be some sort of mystic or shaman, capable of summoning the Behemoth to defend the village. Although many villagers, including Merri's father Oncho, disregarded his rantings, he proved them wrong when he was able to call the Behemoth to attack Serji-X Arrogantus.

This action, however, ended his life. When Arrogantus swooped down on his skyspeeder to attack the Old One, the Behemoth stepped on Serji-X and, in the process, the Old One, who thus sacrificed himself to take out his village's nemesis.



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