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Old Scores is a story in Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 8.


Returning to the slums of Nar Shaddaa, Aurra Sing meets with Urdruua the Hutt, arriving on tips of a Jedi nearby. Arriving at his palace, Urdruua reveals that Sing was the Jedi as metal doors close around her and poisonous gas begins seeping in. Holding her breath, Sing crawls through one of the vents, emerging atop the building where another group of thugs awaits her. Wiping them out, she targets a group of snipers with her rifle, then jumps from the roof, taking command of a speeder. Pursued by smart mines, Sing ignites her lightsabers and dispatches them, landing neatly atop another rooftop. Bringing out her comlink to talk to Urdruua, Sing reveals the presence of a bomb in the Hutt's building- as the bomb explodes. Grinning slightly at the dispatch of another enemy, Sing begins the hunt for real Jedi once more.


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