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Old Tarmidian was the native language of the Corellian Jorj Car'das and was presumably one of the idioms spoken on his home planet of Corellia. It was briefly mentioned that very few spoke it, and the language eventually died out. Old Tarmidian was one of the six million forms of communication that the protocol droid C-3PO could speak fluently.

Known phrasesEdit

  • Shem-mebal ostorran se'mmitas Mertan anial? Karmida David shumidas krree? - "Has Mertan been by here today? Or that nice Admiral David person."
  • Merirao Karrde tuliak. Mu parril'an se'tuffriad moa sug po'porai? - "This is Karrde. I’d like permission to come down and see you again."
  • Se'po brus tai - "Come ahead."


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