Oldevai Squadron was a Squadron of 12 R-41 Starchasers used by the Rneekii Pirates.


When the Rneekii pirates managed to kidnap the Chief Scientist of the TIE Defender project. They decided to ransom him to the highest bidder, which became the Galactic Empire. The Rneekii arranged the deal near the Planet Kiilimaar.

The deal proceeded with 5 of the fighters escorting the transport Ibutho 1 carrying the scientist, while one Assault Gunboat would escort the Lambda Shuttle carrying the ransom. Unfortunately, they underestimated the resolve the Empire was willing to take to recover the scientist, the gunboat was piloted by the best ace Maarek Stele who upon receiving the signal "Full Speed to Kiilimaar" turned againt the pirates and the Imperials sent the Interdictor Red Claw to trap the pirates. Despite the rest of the squadron being launched from their Strike Cruiser Ayenzii the Squadron was eliminated by Stele, along with their cruiser and their transport carrying the ransom was captured.