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Oldtimers were the descendants of prisoners sent to a penal colony on Nam Chorios in 702 BBY.


In 702 BBY, the Grissmath Dynasty formed a penal colony on Nam Chorios. The Grissmaths let loose drochs on the planet in an attempt to kill the prisoners, but it was unsuccessful. Eventually, the descendants of the prisoners became a tough, independent group of settlers called the 'Oldtimers'. Centuries later, a failed Hutt Jedi, Beldorian, came to Nam Chorios, and set himself up as a dictator. The response to his self-appointed dictatorship is unknown. In 19 BBY Republic Senator Seti Ashgad was exiled to Nam Chorios by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and he filled the power void left by Beldorian's failure to keep the populace in check.

In 13 ABY, the Oldtimers came into conflict with a newer group of settlers called the Newcomers. Moff Getelles, of the Loronar Corporation, who had allied himself with Ashgad, had made a pact with Ashgad, who had been kept alive through odd means, to destroy the Meridian sector by use of the Death Seed plague. The planet's native Tsils were targeted by the Loronar for use in their synthdroids and CCIR Needles. However, the Oldtimers blocked them, and prohibited any kind of technology on Nam Chorios, lest the plague carrying drochs go offworld and spread the disease.

Unfortunately, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo blocked their efforts. Before the Battle of Nam Chorios, Seti Ashgad had the planetary turbolaser gun station at Bleak Point, under control of the Oldtimers, destroyed to allow safe passage into space where Getelles' fleet lay in orbit. Though Ashgad was killed by revolting fighters, Getelles stilled lived, and so the battle began. The Oldtimers allied themselves with the New Republic, while the Newcomers sided with Getelles. The Oldtimers came out victorious.