Olianne Sihn was a female Dathomiri witch and the war-leader of the Raining Leaves Clan, a traditionalist and matriarchal Dathomiri Witch clan led by her sister, Kaminne Sihn.

In 33.5 ABY, an uprising of the male slaves within the Raining Leaves Clan resulted in a massacre; the immediate aftermath was the loss of two-thirds of the clan, among them all its males over the age of ten, as well as the clan's leaders. Olianne and Sihn lost their entire family to the massacre, which consisted of their father, mother and oldest sister.

In the years afterward, the Raining Leaves Clan established an annual conclave with the Broken Columns Clan—a clan that consisted of men, led by the Hapan-born Tasander Dest. A few days before their conclave in 43.5 ABY, Olianne encountered Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentice of the Lost Tribe of Sith, during a hunting trip. Khai was on the verge of collapse, having gone through a fight with Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son Ben and later escaped. Khai's plight touched Olianne deeply, as Olianne recently lost her only daughter Sesara Sihn to a fever a few months prior. Olianne began mentoring Khai and soon planned to adopt her.

During the conclave, the two clans fought off attacks by Nightsisters and successfully merged into one new clan, Bright Sun Clan, headed by the newly wedded Sihn and Dest. After the battle on Bright Sun Hill, where the two clans defeated the Nightsisters, Olianne chose to adopt Aradasa Vurse, a child of Halliava Vurse, whom was discovered to be a Nightsister spy among their ranks, while Khai, whose true allegiance to the Sith was discovered, was placed under Jedi custody.

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