"Okay, Wires. Have it your way. Lieutenant Commander Olifer seems like a reasonable man.... The fact that you have appropriated thirty-two percent of the tracking computer's excess capacity for your own personal gain won't bother him in the least."
"What's the problem, Chiefy? I'm busy.
―Warrant Officer Wong gets Wires' attention[src]

Lieutenant Commander Olifer was stationed aboard the New Republic starship New Hope[1] during the year 5 ABY.[2] During this time, Olifer was unaware that the ship's technician, Wires, was using thirty-two percent of the excess capacity of the ship's tracking computer to run a virtual gambling casino. When Chief Warrant Officer Xiong Wong needed Wires help in decoding a datadisc, Wong threatened to reveal the casino to Olifer if Wires did not comply. As a result, Wires decoded the datadisc, while Olifer remained ignorant of the casino.[1]

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Olifer was created for the 1998 novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, which was written by William C. Dietz.[1]


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