"You... you are the darkness! Iziz will fall. It cannot withstand the pressure of this heavy shadow for much longer."
―Olis to Queen Amanoa[src]

Olis was a male Human prisoner of the city Iziz on Onderon around 4000 BBY. Olis was to be cast out to the wild outside Iziz as punishment. Before Queen Amanoa finalized the punishment, Olis foretold that Iziz would fall due to its suffering from the darkness for three centuries. He might be a Force-sensitive, as he claimed to be able to sense the dark side in the Queen.

Olis's words enraged the Queen, and Amanoa executed the prisoner with a glowing sphere of energy in green. After the body of Olis was removed from the throne room, Ulic Qel-Droma and his Jedi companion entered to negotiate about the Beast Wars.


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