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Oliver Novachez

Oliver "Ollie" Novachez

Oliver Novachez, nicknamed Ollie, was the younger brother of Roan Novachez, a boy from Tatooine was unexpectedly chosen to attend Jedi academy despite being rather older than the typical age at which students were admitted. Oliver was a young boy, appearing to be about five years old.

Oliver doted on his older brother, impressed with Roan's ability to use the Force and desiring to attend Jedi academy himself. In Roan's first year at Jedi academy, Oliver drew a picture and their mother mailed it to Roan. It said to the right that he would be a Jedi someday. In Roan's second year at the academy, Oliver got to visit the school as part of an open house. Everyone seemed to like him, especially the female Padawans. He also asked Yoda if he could be a Jedi as well, to which Yoda laughed. The next year, Roan gave him a neon green backpack with an Ewok face. He drew another picture thanking Roan, and telling him he stored his books inside. He would eventually show talent in the Force, and be invited to attend Jedi Kindergarten.

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